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Ladies! Did you experience complications from an IUD?

Siri & Glimstad and Cory Watson Attorneys are partnering to evaluate claims from women who used a ParaGard IUD for birth control and suffered complications during removal.
About the ParaGard IUD 
The ParaGard IUD is a copper T-shaped intrauterine device (IUD) used by women as long-term nonhormonal contraceptive. ParaGard can break on removal, leaving parts behind and becoming stuck in the uterus or perforating the uterine wall. In some cases, the IUDs have migrated to other parts of the body and caused organ damage.
Some of the potential side effects connected to use of this product include ectopic pregnancy, pelvic infection, embedment into the uterus, perforation of uterine wall, impaired fertility and Wilson’s Disease. Some women have even had to undergo complete hysterectomies due to complications from the device.
Do You Qualify?
If you suffered serious side effects after using a ParaGard IUD, you may qualify for financial compensation. Call us today for a free consultation!

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