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Did Your Bank Charge You Excessive Overdraft Fees?

If so, you may be owed compensation!

The attorneys at Siri & Glimstad are investigating claims of excessive or inappropriate overdraft fees being charged by banks. 

If you experienced any of the below issues within the past three years, you may qualify for this litigation:

(1) being charged an overdraft fee when your account was not actually overdrawn; (2) being charged an overdraft fee for a purchase made when your balance did not show the account as being overdrawn; (3) being charged an overdraft fee when you did not sign up for overdraft protection with your bank; or (4) fee-stacking — when the bank charges you an overdraft fee, and then because you are overdrawn when they charge you another overdraft fee.

Please fill out the form on this page if this sounds like your situation.  There is no cost for our legal representation – we get paid only if we win for you!

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Please expect a call and/or text from one of our staff members regarding obtaining proof. If you have the proof already and want to send it to us, text Class Action Jen (Jen Malainy) at 440-381-0338 or write her at

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You may be owed compensation!

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