Defective Automobiles (Brakes, Engines, and More)

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Did You Have To Deal With Motor Vehicle Defects?

Do not despair. There are ways to recover your losses!

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is a federal government department that creates the safety regulations that car manufacturers and dealerships have to follow. There are other laws issued at both the federal and state level that help protect buyers from design flaws in cars, such as state lemon laws.

A car that does not function as advertised can be considered defective. If that defect leads to injury, you could be liable to receive compensation for damages. Defects in cars are also covered under product liability law.

The three types of defects that can occur in cars are:

  • Design defects – oversights in the design of the vehicle
  • Manufacturing defects – mistakes made during the production of cars that affects individual parts such as the brakes or airbags
  • Marketing defects – such as a flaw in warnings or instructions

A vehicle defect can lead to harm or an accident. In a product liability case, you need to prove that the defective product caused your injuries in order to have a successful case.

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