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Have You Been Discriminated Against At Work Due To Your Gender?

The experienced attorneys at Siri & Glimstad are evaluating claims from people who say they have been victims of gender discrimination at work.

What Constitutes Gender Discrimination In The Workplace?
According to both state and federal laws, employers are not allowed to make decisions or treat their employees differently based on certain protected statuses.  Some examples of those protected statuses include race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, national origin and age.  If you were denied a job opportunity, were paid less money or fired from a job because of your gender, you may have a claim for gender discrimination. In addition to direct discrimination due to your gender, any policy in place at work that excludes or is unfair to one gender may be considered discrimination — even if it is not intentional.

How An Attorney Can Help
If you suspect you have been a victim of gender discrimination in your workplace, contact us to have an experienced employment attorney evaluate your claim and see whether you have a case. It is not always easy to prove that the reason someone was not treated fairly was due to their gender, and you must also prove the negative job consequences as a result of the discrimination.  Sufficient evidence must be gathered in order to support your claim.  An attorney will be able to tell you if you have a possible claim and, if so, whether you should file in state or federal court.

As part of compensating for unlawful discrimination, an employer may be instructed by the court to compensate you financially for lost income or damages or restore your position.

There is no obligation involved in speaking to an attorney about your situation. At Siri & Glimstad, there is never any cost upfront to you for our representation. We get paid only if we win for you.

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