Honda Lawnmower and Pressure Washer Recall

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Do You Own A Honda Lawnmower or Pressure Washer?

If so, are you aware that Honda has issued a recall of some of their lawnmowers and pressure washer engines due to a manufacturing flaw that can cause camshaft failure and injury? To date, 2,197 injuries have been reported related to camshaft failures in the Honda engines. The camshaft is crucial to the engine functioning properly. When the Honda engine camshaft fails, it can cause catastrophic engine failure and injury to the operator.

Honda has issued a warning to immediately stop using any Honda lawnmowers or pressure washers that are on their recall list. Instead, you should contact a Honda Power Equipment dealer and schedule an appointment with them to have your lawnmower or pressure washer inspected and repaired. This will be done at no cost to you if your machine is on their recall list.

The recall list can be accessed here: Recalls and Updates | Honda Power Equipment.

The recalled items were sold at Honda Power Equipment dealers, Home Depot, Lowes, Northern Tool, Ace Hardware and other retail and farm equipment stores throughout the U.S. between May 2022 and June 2023.

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