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Did You Experience Unexpected Side Effects After Receiving Lip Filler?

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Within the multi-billion dollar cosmetic industry, lip filler is one of the most common procedures undertaken by women across the country.  Cosmetic surgeons routinely offer discounts and coupons for lip filler to attract more women to try the minimally invasive procedure.  They showcase dramatic before-and-after photos on their websites and social media, but what they don’t highlight are the possible side effects.

Lip fillers such as Juvederm are made from chemical compounds that are supposed to be compatible with our bodies and add volume and definition to the lips. Sometimes, however, our bodies reject the injected chemicals or it is injected incorrectly with the unfortunate result of asymmetry, lumps, infection, allergic reactions and pain.  Even though filler is supposed to be temporary, sometimes these reactions can last for a while, causing embarrassment and distress.

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