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Are You Having Trouble Getting Your Disability Claim Approved?

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claims seem to be denied more often than not. The reason for this can be unclear or confusing, dragging out an already long process for people who are unable to work and in need of their benefits. The Social Security Administration may say they want more medical documentation, or that you did not sufficiently comply with a doctor’s recommended treatment plan. If you have already been denied, you must adhere to the appeals requirements in order to have your application reconsidered.

If you are having difficulty navigating the SSDI requirements, it may help to have an attorney on your side who is familiar with the laws that govern these processes. Once you have exhausted all the remedies available to you under the Social Security Act, your only recourse may be to file a lawsuit.

In this lawsuit, you will have to prove you were wrongfully denied by the Social Security Administration. Some attorneys are willing to help with these cases on a contingency fee basis, understanding that people may not be able to pay attorney’s fees while waiting to be approved for SSDI benefits.  Contingency fee means the attorneys will wait to be paid until you receive your settlement from the Social Security department.

If you are having trouble getting your disability benefits claim approved and would like to have your case reviewed by an attorney for free, just fill out the form on this page.

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