Union Bank and Trust Data Breach Class Action Investigation

Location: KS, NE

About the Investigation:

Have you used the services of Union Bank and Trust? Did you receive a data breach letter from them?

If yes, you may be entitled to compensation!  

In May 2023, Union Bank and Trust Company filed a notice of a data breach. This breach was due to MOVEit Transfer software that Union Bank was utilizing for their business. As soon as they realized it, Union Bank took the MOVEit Transfer application down and started an investigation. After finishing its investigation, Union Bank started to send out data breach notification letters to all individuals whose personal information was affected by the recent data breach. The information of over 200,000 individuals may have been accessed, including Name, Address, Email address, Phone number, and Social Security number.  

Union Bank and Trust Company is a financial institution based in Lincoln, Nebraska. Union Bank and Trust provide typical banking services to individuals and corporations through more than 30 branches in Nebraska and Kansas. 

How do you know if you were affected? You should have received a letter from Union Bank and Trust notifying you that your personal information was impacted by their data breach. You can also call Union Bank and Trust to see if your information was impacted or if you think you may have been affected and have not received a letter.  

Data breaches can cause serious long-term damage to those involved. Contact us to find out if you may be eligible for compensation! 

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