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Did You Earn and Not Get Paid An Agreed-To Commission?

If someone failed to pay a commission you rightfully earned, you may have a claim against the person or organization who owes you.

There are many professionals who rely upon commissions for the bulk of their income, such as real estate agents and brokers, recruiters, salespeople, and others. Unpaid commissions in these types of deals can run into millions of dollars.

It is sadly not uncommon in business for people to not be paid commissions they have worked for. It doesn’t matter if the contract is written, verbal or implied — if there was an agreement it may be binding depending on the laws in your state. The perpetrator often assumes that the victim will not pursue legal action because hiring a contract attorney can be costly if they charge fees by the hour.  However, there are attorneys who work these types of cases on contingency, meaning they get their payment when and if you get paid, upon settlement.

If you were not paid for commission you earned, there is no obligation involved in speaking to an attorney about your situation to find out whether you may have a case. Do not delay to fill out the form on this page, because legal claims are time sensitive, and there are state-specific deadlines to file your claim.

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