Upstream RollCo LLC Data Breach

Location: AL

About the Investigation:

Did You Receive A Breach Notice From Upstream RollCo LLC?

If so, your sensitive personal identifiable information may have been stolen!

Upstream RollCo LLC is an outpatient physical therapy rehabilitation services company based in Birmingham, Alabama. On September 18, 2023, Upstream sent out data breach notice letters to more than 22,564 individuals.  The letters informed the individuals that their information had been stolen when a hacker gained access to the Upstream computer network via employee email accounts.  In the breach, a considerable amount of sensitive information was exposed, including names, dates of birth, contact information, medical information, health insurance information, Social Security numbers and possibly more.

Data breaches are serious matters that can cause long term damage. Hackers break into networks so that they can steal your personal information to sell it on the dark web, commit identity theft, financial theft or other frauds.

How do you know if you were affected? If you received a letter from Upstream RollCo LLC notifying you that your personal information was impacted in their data breach, contact us to find out if you may be eligible for compensation.

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