Did you work for or have any dealings with WTX Oilfield?

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Did you work for or have any dealings with WTX Oilfield? If so, your data may have been stolen!

On January 13, 2023, WTX Oilfield reported a data breach to the Texas Attorney General.  A hacker accessed WTX’s computer network and removed private data of an unknown number of individuals, including names, social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, government-issued ID numbers, financial information and medical information.

Data breaches are serious matters that can cause long term damage. Hackers break into networks so that they can steal your personal information to sell it on the dark web, commit identity theft, financial theft or other frauds.

How do you know if you were affected? If you received a letter from WTX Oilfield saying your information was impacted by their breach, fill out the form below to take the first step towards getting compensation!

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