Cosmetic Surgery Malpractice

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Did Your Cosmetic Surgery Go Wrong, Leaving You Disfigured Or In Pain?

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Cosmetic surgery is a multi-billion dollar industry with millions of men and women choosing every year to go under the knife in hopes they will achieve a certain look.  Many do not realize that even though cosmetic surgery seems very commonplace and almost routine because we are bombarded with images of perfect celebrities, it is still major surgery. With surgery comes very real risks of side effects, infections, complications and even death. If your medical team is at all negligent in their actions or breaches their duty of care to you, your risks of being injured go up exponentially.

If you had cosmetic surgery and something went wrong, you may be entitled to compensation if your surgeon can be shown to have breached their medical responsibilities. Contact us today to have an attorney review your claim for free and see if you could have a case. Do not delay! Statutes of limitations place time limits on how long after an injury you can file a lawsuit.

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