NIH Sexual Harassment Claims Investigation

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About the Investigation:

Do You Work for the NIH? Are You Aware of an Investigation into the NIH Regarding Sexual Harassment Claims?

On February 5, 2024, the Chair of the U.S. Energy & Commerce Committee (“the Committee”) issued a press release announcing their search for whistleblowers in an investigation into the National Institutes of Health (“NIH”). The Committee has been investigating the NIH’s handling of sexual harassment complaints within their agency for several years and has found at least 300 cases of harassment in the past six years alone.

Recently the Committee issued a subpoena to the NIH requesting more documents necessary to further their investigation. The NIH has ignored this subpoena from the Committee, so the Committee is seeking whistleblowers willing to come forward and speak to them.

Whistleblowers can be key in a fight against corruption within an organization or company.  Sometimes it becomes necessary to find an individual willing to come forward and expose wrongdoing they witnessed in order to prove illegal action that has been covered up.

The press release recommends that any potential whistleblowers consult with an experienced attorney before coming forward.  If you have insider information about the handling of sexual harassment claims within the NIH and are considering coming forward, the attorneys at Siri & Glimstad are here to help you. Our attorneys can speak with you confidentially. We can also assist with legal protections against retaliation.

There is no obligation involved in just speaking with us, and our consultation is free. If you might have any information that could help change the mishandling of sexual harassment claims within the NIH, do not hesitate: reach out today.

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