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Were You Injured By An Exploding Pressure Cooker?

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Siri & Glimstad is partnering with Johnson Becker to evaluate claims from consumers who have been injured as a result of exploding pressure cookers.

What is this litigation about?

Pressure cookers, also known as instant pots, work by trapping heat in a pot with a lid fixed so securely that the steam is trapped in order to cook the food more evenly and quickly. Traditional models worked on the stovetop, but newer electric varieties have timers, temperature gauges and different settings. All versions are equipped with a safety valve to safely relieve pressure before opening the lid when cooking is finished. If the pressure cooker is opened before the safety valve allows the steam to safely escape, an explosion of the contents can result. Because of the high temperatures inside of the pressure cooker, severe burns can result if this happens.

Were you injured because of an exploding pressure cooker?

If you were injured due to an exploding pressure cooker, contact us today to find out more!  Johnson Becker is one the leading law firms in this type of litigation, and they have experience in filing lawsuits for injuries due to exploding pressure cookers. What adds urgency is that there are statutes of limitations which put a deadline on how long you have to file a lawsuit after sustaining an injury. So don’t delay if you have been injured by an exploding pressure cooker – fill out the form on this page to have your case evaluated for free!

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