RSV Vaccine Mixup Investigation

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About the Investigation:

Did You or Your Child Receive the Wrong RSV Vaccine?

The attorneys at Siri & Glimstad are investigating claims that some pregnant women and toddlers were given the wrong RSV vaccines. The CDC reported that some health providers had made this mistake, but it is unknown how many women and babies may have received an RSV vaccine not approved for them.

There are different brands of RSV vaccine which are meant for different groups of people. If the brands are mixed up and incorrectly administered to the wrong group, there could be harmful consequences. For example, a pregnant woman given the wrong RSV vaccine can go into preterm labor. A toddler given a certain RSV vaccine meant for older people can actually be put at higher risk of complications from RSV.

If you or your child were given the incorrect RSV vaccine, fill out the form on this page to have an attorney evaluate your claim. There is no charge for our services — we get paid if we win for you.

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