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Did your baby suffer a birth injury?

Did your baby suffer a birth injury?

What Is a Birth Injury?

A healthcare provider’s negligence or wrongdoing during a birth can lead to serious, life-long consequences for the affected child. They may be left with a disability or developmental delay that compromises their quality of life and leads to years of special medical expenses, as well as stress and emotional pressures for their family.

How An Attorney Can Help

If your child has a health condition caused by a birth injury due to a health professional’s negligence, give us a call to have your case evaluated for free.  You have until your child is 19 years old to file a claim, so it may not be too late!

Financial compensation can help cover the costs of special therapies or equipment needed to provide appropriate care for your child.

To have an attorney provide a free evaluation of your potential claim please provide the following information:

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