What’s Happening? Join Class Actions urges those that receive a Data Breach Notice to take legal action by inquiring about filing a class action lawsuit. The number of data breaches is at an unprecedented level. In the past two years alone, the Identity Theft Resource Center has reported over 2,600 data breaches in the United States. Data breaches occur primarily from criminal hacking. Companies operating in the United States are required by law to notify you of a data breach if your personal information was included in the breach. If impacted by a data breach, you will likely receive a letter via mail or email.

  • What Do I Do? If you are impacted by a data breach, change your passwords and/or pins and add security alerts to your credit reports immediately! If financial data was breached, secure your bank and credit card information by informing those entities of the breach. It is imperative to act as quickly as possible to mitigate the risk of fraud. If credit monitoring is offered in the breach notice, accept it. Acceptance of credit monitoring will not affect your rights to be part of a data breach class action lawsuit. Call or text Jen immediately at 772-SUE-THEM (783-8436)! She will ask for a snapshot of the notice letter you received and will then consult with the JCA team. If Join Class Actions determines that a class action lawsuit is warranted, an Engagement Letter will be sent to you via email. This letter gives us permission to advocate for you. There is no cost for representation. Keep tabs on your bank and other financial accounts as litigation ensues and be sure to update Jen if you notice any fraudulent activity.
  • Who Can Join a Class Action Lawsuit? United States residents who receive a data breach letter from a company may join a class action lawsuit. The data breach ordinarily must have exposed one of the following for you to be considered as a potential plaintiff for a data breach class action: Financial information, social security number, or health information. In addition, potential plaintiffs must be able to provide Join Class Actions with a snapshot of the data breach letter that they received.
  • Why Does It Matter? Because a data breach may expose your financial, health, or other personal information, being a victim of a data breach puts you at a greater risk of identity theft. Hackers can use stolen information to use your credit cards and bank accounts to unlawfully commit fraudulent purchases and/or impersonate you. The effects of a data breach can have a lasting impact on your finances, reputation, and more.

The attorneys at Join Class Actions are committed to safeguarding your data and rights. We are calling out companies and taking legal action against them to help you receive compensation for their misconduct. Have questions? Join the conversation on Facebook to stay informed.