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Did You Or Your Loved One Suffer A Uterine Rupture During Labor?

What is Uterine Rupture?

Uterine rupture is when a woman’s uterine wall tears open, usually during labor.  It can be a life-threatening complication of a difficult birth.

The uterus is a muscular organ where a developing baby grows within the mother. In a complete uterine rupture, a tear goes through all three layers of the uterine wall.  In an incomplete rupture, the tear does not go completely through the layers.

Uterine rupture is dangerous because it creates a hole in your uterus, leaves your baby unprotected in the womb and can cause serious, life-threatening blood loss.  The baby’s heart rate can slow and the flow of oxygen to the baby can also be cut off following a uterine rupture.

Most uterine ruptures take place at the site of an existing uterine scar. The extreme pressure of contractions during labor can weaken scar tissue and cause it to tear open. A classical, high vertical c-section scar is at higher risk for rupture during subsequent labors. However, any previous uterine surgery can put you at risk for uterine rupture at the incision site.

More women are opting for vaginal births after a previous cesarean section (VBAC), and with that comes added risk of a potential uterine rupture.  Your medical provider will discuss with you their opinion of the risks involved with attempting a VBAC.

Causes of Uterine Rupture:
•    Previous cesarean section or other uterine surgery that causes a scar
•    Previous history of uterine rupture
•    Manual external turning of a breech baby
•    Prolonged labor

Signs of Impending Uterine Rupture:
•    Fetal distress
•    Rapid heart rate, dizziness and/ or low blood pressure in mother
•    Sudden and severe abdominal pain
•    Vaginal bleeding
•    No break between contractions
•    Suddenly interrupted labor – contractions stop or slow down

It is imperative the medical team correctly interpret the signs of uterine rupture and act quickly enough to save mother and baby.

The risks connected to uterine rupture are significant. The baby can suffer brain damage due to lack of oxygen.  Uterine rupture can also result in an emergency hysterectomy to stop hemorrhaging or tragically result in loss of life for mother or baby.

How Can A Lawyer Help?
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